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We started Community Rising, a transition initiative, in Ketchum because we are concerned about our ability to weather the impacts of Peak Oil, Climate Change, and Economic instability. We believe that we currently lack the resilience and infrastructure to maintain our quality of life in the face of these coming changes. We believe that we have a great opportunity to rethink the way we live and to make conscious choices that will help design our future.  Our goal is to explore the diversity of pathways that will reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and rebuild a localized economy.


The Community Rising Steering Committee is currently made up of the following volunteers:


Peggy Bates

Peggy has lived in Ketchum for 9 years.  She was raised from age 7 in Switzerland, spent 7 years living in London in the 1990s and has lived all over the Western United States. She is passionate about co-creative gardening, Aromatherapy, Feng Shui and creating sacred space. Professionally she has worked with individuals and groups to facilitate Life changes and create harmonious living and work spaces. For the past 2 years she has been an active member of the Ketchum Town Design Team in creating a pedestrian friendly town core in accordance with the Ketchum Master Plan.

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Dale Bates

Dale has lived in downtown Ketchum for 30 years. He is president of Living Architecture  From the beginning his practice was based on holistic integrative principles of design. He has incorporated Permaculture principles in his work since 1997. He has been aware of Peak Oil since 1980 when he established his first business Energy Management Center that provided energy reduction strategies, sold solar hot water panels, and designed passive solar homes.



Eiron Schofield

Eiron has lived in Ketchum for 8 years.  She is the Vice President of Living Architecture one of the premier Sustainable architecture firms in the United States.  She is the president of Wood River Ride Share a local alternative transportation group and also sits on the board of Mt. Rides and Greenscool, a non-profit organization that educates people about sustainable lifestyles.  She is an avid gardener and advocate for healthy living.



John Furey 

John has lived in Ketchum for 13 years.  Professionally he works with organizations and communities to create transformative collaboration.  He was born in the USA, raised in Switzerland, educated in England.  He has written two books on how people think, and how to think collaboratively.  Most of his work in recent years has gone into developing, a site where people can explore the world of thinking and collaboration